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Catechesis of the good Shepherd Association (singapore)

Meet our current executive committee (for the term 2021 to 2022),

elected by the members of CGSAS at the 2020 Annual General Meeting:

Front row from left: Julie Phua, Christina Ying, Father Terence Kesavan, Pressy Rowe, Gerard Lee

Back row from left: Bay Chern Chieh, Merlyn D'Cruz, Justina Lau, Teresa Ong, Derek Tan, Magdalene Ang, Karen Abts, Melissa Ho and Susanna Tan

Our President

Christina Ying

Christina is one of the founding member of CGS Singapore.  She has been involved with CGS since 2004. She used to coordinate all the training courses for CGS.  She has served in SVDP L2 atrium and Holy Family L1 atrium for the past few years.

Our Secretary

Julie Phua

Julie is a catechist serving at St Ignatius and Holy Cross Atria since 2005. She has been serving the CGS Association almost continuously since its inception. She has assisted and served as a Formation Leader since 2010.

 Our Treasurer

Gerard Lee

Gerard has served as a catechist with the St Vincent de Paul Atrium since 2014. He has held the role of Treasurer of the Association since 2018.

Our Spiritual Director

Father Terence Kesavan

Reverend Father Terence Kesavan is currently the Catechetical Director of the Office of Catechesis.  He has been supporting CGSAS as our Spiritual Director since 2019.

Other Members of our Executive Committee

Susanna Tan

Susanna, mum to 4 grown children, began her CGS journey in 2005.  She has completed all 3 levels of formation, and is so glad that the adventure continues! She is serving in levels 1 and 3 at St Ignatius and beginning to assist in giving Formation courses.

Justina Lau

Justina is serving as a catechist at the Church of St. Anthony. She has been involved with the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd since 2015 and currently catechise CGS Level 1. She assists the Association with Formation and Training coordination.

Melissa Ho

Melissa has served as a catechist at the atrium of the Church of St Joseph since 2012. She is presently serving the Association in the coordination of Formation and Training.

Merlyn D’Cruz

Merlyn has been involved with the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd since 2004 and began the atrium at the Church of the Blessed Sacrament in 2009 where she works with the children in all 3 levels. She also serves as a Formation leader and has been in the Exco since 2012.

Derek Tan

Derek was called to the children's catechetical ministry and underwent his L1P1 formation in November 2015. He has been serving as a catechist in Christ The King Atrium since 2016. He was co-opted into exco in 2019 and served in the Events subcommittee. Derek is currently serving in the Membership subcommittee of the Association.

Pressy Rowe

Pressy’s CGS journey began with her first Formation Retreat in 2005 when the older of her two children started his time in the atrium. She has completed all three levels and has served as a Level I & II catechist at St Mary of the Angel’s Atrium since 2008, acting as a coordinator there for 7 years.  She was a member of the Formation Sub-committee. 

Magdalene Ang

Magdalene has served as a catechist at the Nativity Atrium since 2016. She is currently serving in the Resources subcommittee of the Association.

Teresa Ong

Teresa is from Church of St Vincent de Paul (SVDP)  and has been serving there as a coordinator and catechist in L1, L2 & L3 for the last 15 years. She has been hosting most of the training in SVDP for the past 10 years and hopes to be of service to the CGS community for more years to come.

Bay Chern Chieh

Chern has served at all 3 levels as a catechist at the St Ignatius Atrium since receiving her first formation in 2005 and has assisted in formation. She is presently serving in the Communications subcommittee of the Association and has a deep interest in all things Montessori.

Karen Abts

After coming across CGS in 2016, Karen began assisting in CGS sessions.  She received formation as a catechist in 2017 and has been serving in St Mary of the Angel’s Atrium since. She continued to pursue training in Montessori and is passionate about supporting parents in finding more peace at home.  She currently serves in the Communications subcommittee of the Association.

We are also deeply grateful for the many people who are not part of the current executive committee but who have given their time and support in so many ways throughout the years.  We would not have been able to do what we do without them.

Catechesis of the Good Shepherd Association (Singapore)

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